"If man could be crossed with
the cat it would improve man, but it
would deteriorate the cat." (Mark Twain)

Since 1.1.1015 Cattery Sibi Brilliance, CZ
stops breeding program from personal reasons. All cats you can find
in cattery Neva Brilliance, CZ.

Cattery Sibi Brilliance was registred, becouse our friend Olga Vorontsová imported from Russia beautiful Siberian cat Radosť Sibaris.

As a co-owner I decided to create new cattery on my husband´s name to make sure that our pleasure are SIB´s and NEM´s, but we don´t plane to breed them together.

Thank you Míša and Olga for your "trad taste". Thank you Arina and Alex for that beautifull kitten.

Radost and Olga - International Cat show Ebreichsdorf (A)
- 28. 8. 2010

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