"If man could be crossed with
the cat it would improve man, but it
would deteriorate the cat." (Mark Twain)

Our cattery specializes in a charming breed Neva Masquerade. At present there are four cats in our cattery – Ezhevika Fleur de l´Amoure,imported from Russia, Norita Ramiadis from Czech cattery Ramiadis with excellent Neva Masquerade parents, Ezhevika´s daughter Batinka Neva Brilliance and Norita´s son Cukrik Neva Brilliance. All our cats except Batinka that lives with her owner Milan Špidla, jr., live together with us and our Weimaraner dog Argí in our appartment. They can also love staying in our large, net-protected balcony. Our cats are used to sharing their lives with our dog and they are all on friendly terms. Therefore our future kittens will grow up in this large family too and will be fully adapted to everyday family life and other house pets.

Our main aim is the happiness, health a general fitness of our pets. For our kittens we will try to choose suitable owners who will be able to provide the same conditions and who will love their „little kitty treasures“ as much as we love our cats.

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